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  • Donald Trump Jr. refuses to comply with Senate subpoena if they ask about Trump Tower meeting or Moscow: CNN

    President Donald Trump's son Don Jr. was subpoenaed by the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee to answer questions about the discrepancies in his previous testimony and Robert Mueller's report. Mueller refused to bring charges against the younger Trump because he was too ignorant to know what he was doing wasn't ethical or legal, CNN reported Monday. Two sources told CNN that Trump Jr. is "balking at answering anymore questions" about the Trump Tower meeting and about

  • Seth Meyers Blasts Donald Trump Bids To Block Robert Mueller Testimony

    Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at President Trump’s ironclad proof he did not collude with Russia: a phone call with Russian ruler Vladimir Putin. Special counsel Robert Mueller spent two years putting together a 400+ page report documenting Trump’s various links to Putin. Trump decided that late last week was the perfect time to [

  • Donald Trump says William Barr will make decision on Robert Mueller testimony

    President Trump said Thursday he'll leave it up to Attorney General William P. Barr whether to let special counsel Robert Mueller testify to Congress. That's a reversal from just days ago, when the president said the special counsel shouldn't talk to Congress. "I'm going to leave that up to the

    The Washington Times
  • Bernie Sanders slams Donald Trump’s call for Robert Mueller not to testify: ‘You are not a dictator’

    Presidential candidate Sen. Bernard Sanders criticized President Trump Monday for saying special counsel Robert Mueller should not testify before Congress about his report investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. "Sorry, Mr. President, you are not a dictator. In our democracy, when Congress calls on Robert Mueller to testify, he

    The Washington Times