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  • The Point: Donald Trump gets sick of everyone, except for Donald Trump

    Anthony Scaramucci seems to have finally learned a very, very important lesson about President Donald Trump: If you stick around long enough, he will turn on you. Always.

  • Trump is terrified a recession is coming — and he has no plan if it does: report

    Economists and analysts overwhelmingly agreed this week that a recession is, if not looming, appearing to be much more likely in the near future than it was before. But in President Donald Trump’s White House, such pessimism is verboten. According to multiple reports, Trump’s team has been emphasizing rosier economic numbers and brushing off signs [
  • Donald Trump more popular today than in 2016: report

    President Donald Trump’s administration has been mired in controversy after controversy, from his racist remarks to the Mueller report–which stopped short of clearing him of obstruction of justice. His policies, such as child separation at the border and his trade wars with China, are divisive. Yet, new numbers seem to show that he’s actually more [
  • Why thousands of Americans come together to hear Trump speak

    Listen up, Trumpophobes. It’s not so hard to understand the president’s appeal. Try going to one of his rallies and, instead of turning up your nose at the Walmart people, listen and learn. The abuse of President Trump and his supporters that passes for analysis from his opponents is a strategic error. The more abuse,

    New York Post
  • Donald Trump reportedly wants to purchase Greenland from Denmark

    US president has ‘expressed interest’ in the icy territory, according to the Wall Street Journal, but the Danes have yet to weigh in Donald Trump is fond of bragging about his conspicuous wealth and buying power, plastering his name over buildings and gilding the elevators of Trump Tower. But his latest reported aspiration is on the extravagant side, even for him: to purchase Greenland from Denmark. According to the Wall Street Journal, the US president has “expressed interest” in buying the...

    the Guardian
  • New polls: Donald Trump behind nationwide & in key state

    Former GOP Congressman David Jolly and Christina Greer talk to Ari Melber about new polls that show Trump behind top Democratic candidates nationwide and in a key early state.
  • Donald Trump eyes U.S. buying Greenland: Report

    First Alaska, now Greenland. President Trump has set his sights on America purchasing another ice-covered Arctic territory, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. Citing "people familiar with the deliberations," the Journal reported that Mr. Trump has "repeatedly expressed interest" in purchasing the autonomous territory from Denmark. While the

    The Washington Times