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  • The first rule of Republicans attacking the Mueller report is: never, ever read the Mueller report

    The contents of the report prepared by former special counsel Robert Mueller could be profoundly embarrassing, what with the way they do not clear Trump of collaborating with Russia to interfere in the election and absolutely, definitely show that he acted to obstruct the investigation. But Republicans have long followed the Lindsey Graham route when it comes to the Mueller report. Just say “case closed” and pretend that Attorney General William Barr’s three-page distorted summary was the end of...
  • Trump says Mueller 'must' stick to report's findings during testimony

    President Trump said Tuesday that former special counsel Robert Mueller “must” stick to his report’s findings when he testifies to Congress about his probe into Russia's election interference and possible obstruction by Trump.

  • Mitt Romney: Donald Trump 'failed badly' with AOC Squad tweets

    Republican Sen. Mitt Romney says President Donald Trump "failed badly" with tweets and remarks about four liberal House Democrats who are women of color. The Utah senator is one of several Republicans who criticized Trump's tweets suggesting the four women "go back" to where they came from. All four of

    The Washington Times
  • Dear Hollywood: A live reading of the Mueller Report will not defeat Trump

    Americans are always looking for saviors to solve our problems. But leaders don’t produce movements – movements produce leaders. With all due respect, Mr Lithgow: step aside Celebrities won’t save us. I say this with regret. Everything would be much simpler if they would. It would make “The Resistance” much more straightforward. We could stop all the tedious work and coast to victory on pure star power. Think of the time we would not have to spend in organizing meetings. Alas. A...

    the Guardian