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  • Sri Lanka Catholics hold first Sunday mass after Easter attacks

    Thousands of Catholics attended mass in Sri Lanka's capital Colombo Sunday amid tight security to prevent a repeat of Easter bomb attacks that killed 258 people. Soldiers armed with automatic assault rifles guarded St. Theresa's church at Colombo's Thimbirigasyaya residential quarter, while members of the congregation were searched for explosives. The sprawling church car park was empty as the authorities did not allow any vehicles into the compound as part of high-level security. The...

  • Catholic Church in Sri Lanka holds first regular Sunday Mass since Easter bombings

    The Catholic Church in Sri Lanka held the first regular Sunday Mass since the Easter suicide bombings of churches and hotels killed more than 250 people.

    Global News
  • Catholic churches hold masses for peaceful polls

    The Catholic Church yesterday prayed for credible, honest and peaceful midterm elections today. by Edu Punay
  • Is the pope Catholic? Not according to some cranky church conservatives

    “Is the pope Catholic?” used to be a sarcastic rhetorical question that could only be answered “Yes.” But now, in the latest spasm of what might be called Francis Derangement Syndrome, 19 Catholic priests and academics — including Aidan Nichols, a prominent British priest and author — have raised