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  • Police say former NFL player shot in North Carolina

    North Carolina police say former NFL quarterback Anthony Wright is recovering in the hospital from being shot in a domestic dispute

    ABC News
  • ESPN Analyst/Former NFL Safety: Tyrann Mathieu Is A ‘Special Player’

    Matt Bowen, an ESPN analyst and former NFL safety, describes how Tyrann Mathieu's coverage ability, athleticism and football IQ should bolster the Chiefs' defense.

  • Meet the 2 players likely to be 2019 NFL Supplemental Draft picks

    Jalen Thompson of Washington State and Marcus Simms of West Virginia are worth picks. Wedged between minicamp and training camp, in the slowest time of the NFL’s yearlong calendar, is the supplemental draft. Last season, two players were taken in the league’s special summertime exemption draft. It should happen again this year. In 2018, the New York Giants used a third-round pick to take cornerback Sam Beal. He missed last season recovering from shoulder surgery. Still, the Giants and general...
  • White House directs former aide not to answer more than 200 Democratic questions

    Former Deputy White House Counsel Annie Donaldson did not answer more than 200 questions from House Judiciary Committee Democrats under direction from the White House, in another case that's likely to be part of the looming court fight between congressional Democrats and the White House over executive privilege and special counsel Robert Mueller's report.