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  • Shale is Not Forever: Why America Should Continue Protecting Gulf Oil and Gas Flows

    Gabriel Collins Security, Middle East A stout U.S. military deterrent to those who might threaten oil and gas flows from the Gulf does not guarantee stable prices, but it helps reduce the risk of both damaging spikes and the geopolitical risk premium that markets generally price-in during periods of instability in the region. De Beers tells us that “a diamond is forever.” But the carbonaceous cousin of diamonds, U.S. unconventional oil, may “not be forever.” U.S. energy-security policies...

    The National Interest
  • Oil Is Driving the Iran Crisis

    Michael T. Klare Washington’s aggression is part of a decades-long quest to control the spigot in the Persian Gulf. The post Oil Is Driving the Iran Crisis appeared first on The Nation.

    The Nation
  • Norway pulls investment from oil and gas companies

    The largest sovereign wealth fund in the world will no longer invest in fossil fuel exploration.

  • Disgruntled employee drives into North Carolina Massage Envy

    North Carolina authorities say a disgruntled employee drove her car through a Massage Envy spa in Raleigh

    ABC News