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  • Are Shotguns a War Crime?

    Warfare History Network History, Americas America has always had a unique view on the shotgun as a weapon of war. Coming upon the enemy’s rear guard outside the western Kentucky village of Sacramento, four days after Christmas 1861, Confederate Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest ordered his cavalry to advance. Ahead of them, a line of Union soldiers started to form, bayonets gleaming. Quickly, the bluecoat infantry formed its ranks and prepared to fight off the enemy cavalry, which had taken them...

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  • Here's who would profit most from a $600 unemployment extension

    Workers in certain sectors of the economy benefit more from the $600 weekly unemployment supplement than others.

  • Hate Crime Hysteria in Georgia

    Since the shutdown apologists seem to be losing their argument — because the vast majority of us are in little to no more danger from the Wuhan virus than we are from other such illnesses, because the number of Wuhan virus infections is a near