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  • Nolte: NBC News Goes on Desperate Fake News Rampage

    NBC News has always sought to deceive its gullible audience, but as of late, using deceptively edited video, the far-left news outlet has been on an even more desperate rampage to mislead.

  • “Fake News Is Not Essential!”: Donald Trump Shares Video Of Protesters Berating Long Island News Reporter

    President Donald Trump shared a Long Island news reporter’s video in which he was berated by protesters demonstrating stay-at-home orders. In a tweet, Trump also wrote on of the chants from the demonstrators, “Fake News Is Not Essential!” Trump typically attacks the media as “fake news,” but it is typically aimed at national news outlets [

  • Coronavirus: How to Stop the Spread of Fake News

    Nadia Naffi, Ann-Louise Davidson, Houda Jawhar Society, Anyone with access to the internet can contribute to the war on misinformation. Everyone is responsible for slowing the spread of the disease. Every action counts. This is also the case in the fight against misinformation, which intrudes on the overabundance of news, mixing facts, rumours and fake news. The World Health Organization (WHO) has described this phenomenon as an infodemic. Our research on social media propaganda shows that...

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