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  • 12 history podcasts you should be listening to

    Stuff You Missed in History Class The name is pretty self-explanatory, but Stuff You Missed in History Class definitely should not be (missed, that is). Each episode features the hosts, Holly and Tracy, telling the story of a new historical event that isn’t usually covered in standard history classes. They take turns explaining the event [
  • 9 Aussie Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

    I'm a huge podcast tragic. From true crime to weird radio play style pods, I like shoving as much of it into my earholes as possible. But despite my efforts, I realised that I don;t listen to as many Australian podcasts as I'd like. Sure, I have a few favourites, but I could be doing more to support local creators. So I asked around the office to find out what the best Aussie podcasts are, and why I (and you) should be listening to them. More
  • 5 Tips for Integrating Design into Your Business

    Business leaders explained how design has evolved beyond aesthetics at Fortune's Brainstorm Tech conference on Tuesday.