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  • 3 entrepreneurs used their unemployment benefits and severance pay to start businesses — here's how they smartly invested their cash

    If you have money available from your unemployment benefits or severance payment, you may be able to use it to launch a new venture. In 2017, Marcus Anwar cut back on expenses and stretched his unemployment payments to develop a classified website — now, his company is successful and employs 12 people. Katie Hotze used her severance pay to launch recipe technology startup Grocery Shopii, using a large chunk of her savings to build the product before going out to find more investors. Kristina...

    Business Insider
  • Marketing tips to grow your IT business during lockdown

    Marketing is a valuable tool, and will help a business continue to sign up new clients and maintain revenue levels during the lockdown.

  • Podcast: Pixel 4 a Sad Story

    Read the original post: Podcast: Pixel 4 a Sad Story On this episode of the Droid Life Show, we are taking our first look at Motorola’s new $1,000 Edge+ phone. It’s now available at Verizon, our unboxing is up, and we have first impressions to share. Other topics we’ll dive into include the Pixel 4 backstory, which sounds bad, Pixel 4a rumors (that sound incredible),

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  • 4 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should be Reading More

    The more you read, the more success you may find.