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  • Google to Stop Automatically Putting Media From Google Drive Into Google Photos and Vice Versa

    Starting in July, Google is changing the way Google Photos and Google Drive interact with each other because frankly, it was a confusing mess. Once this change takes place, new photos and videos from Google Drive will not automatically appear in Google Photos. The same thing applies in the opposite as well — new photos/videos

    Droid Life: Just Doing Android News, Man.
  • Seth Rogen, Will Ferrell Team with 'Blockers' Director Kay Cannon for Comedy '79ers'

    Kay Cannon's directorial debut Blockers was easily one of the top-3 funniest films of last year, and I've been eager to see what she would choose for her sophomore effort. Today brings word that Cannon will direct the Lionsgate comedy 79ers, which is being produced by industry heavyweights Seth Rogen and Will Ferrell. The film follows a group of estranged friends who are forced back together after 20 years to complete a treasure hunt they attempted as misfit teens, but never completed....

  • Joe Biden says he’ll bring consensus back to Washington’s ‘broken’ politics, but it was nonexistent while he was vice president

    Joe Biden is selling himself as the man who can bring civility and "consensus" back to Washington, but history suggests otherwise.  Biden has presented President Donald Trump as an aberration and believes Republicans will be inspired to work with Democrats after Trump is gone.  Veteran Democrats think Biden is being naive as polling shows Americans believe the country will only become more divided in the coming years.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Joe Biden's big pitch to...

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