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  • BOOK REVIEW: 'Democracy and Dictatorship in Europe' by Sheri Berman

    DEMOCRACY AND DICTATORSHIP IN EUROPE: FROM THE ANCIEN RGIME TO THE PRESENT DAY By Sheri Berman Oxford University Press, $34.95, 545 pages For purely personal reasons, Sheri Berman's "Democracy and Dictatorship" is one of the few books that grabbed me with its opening paragraph: "In November 1989 the place to

    The Washington Times
  • Europe failed to act after the 2003 French heatwave. We cannot ignore this one

    Record temperatures are being recorded as warnings pile up. It’s vital action is taken against climate breakdown now Several French temperature records were broken on 28 June during this historic heatwave, including the highest temperature ever recorded in the country since records began – 45.9C. The previous high was set during the 2003 heatwave, which was the most significant episode in France’s meteorological history until now. Saharan air has engulfed the country. On 20 June, while...

    the Guardian
  • Social media trolls try but fail to give Kamala Harris the Obama-birther treatment

    A birther-style attack against Sen. Kamala Harris’ campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination failed to take hold after legions of her online supporters — including most of her political opponents — rushed to denounce social media postings challenging her legitimacy to speak as a black American. Harris spoke passionately about racial issues during last week’s [