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  • Why North Korea Does Not Want Joe Biden Elected

    William Jeynes Security, Asia Pyongyang fears he would be more hostile than Trump. For most of American history, the United States has more often than not wisely navigated the rough waters of international relations based on the biblical belief that nations and people generally tend to act out of self-interest. If one is to accurately anticipate the behavior of Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, over the remainder of the year, it would be wise to remember that adage regarding the...

    The National Interest
  • North Macedonia's Muslim leader sacked over choice of bride

    North Macedonia’s Islamic community has dismissed its leader over his decision to marry a woman 50 years his junior

    ABC News
  • Suriname's president seeks re-election after murder conviction

    Surinamese President Desi Bouterse, a former military ruler who has dominated the country's politics in recent decades, was seeking a third term in an election on Monday, about six months after a local court found him guilty of murder in absentia.