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  • Know This: North Korea Isn't Desperate for a Nuclear Deal with America

    David Axe Security, Asia There is evidence that Pyongyang already has shrugged off the threat of unending U.S. sanctions. Even as Trump and Kim met for the third time, activity continued at the uranium-enrichment plant at North Korea’s Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center, according to 38 North. North Korea hardly is desperate to negotiate an agreement with the United States ending or even merely limiting North Korea’s nuclear-weapons program. “Pyongyang would certainly appreciate the...

    The National Interest
  • Bird-like dinosaur is oldest unearthed in North America

    A team of palaeontologists from the UK and US have identified a one of a kind 150 million year old dinosaur skeleton. The specimen has been classified as a new species to science with the discovery also raising questions about the evolution of avian flight.
  • Experian's quarterly revenue rises 4% on North America boost

    Experian, the world's biggest credit data company, reported a 4% rise in revenue on Tuesday, benefiting from higher business across automotive, health, business credit and decision analytics segments in North America, its largest market.

  • Idris Elba Brings Collaboration With 2Hr Set To North America

    The brand initially launched last year in the United Kingdom.
  • America and North Korea: Are We Headed for a Freeze-for-Freeze Nuclear Deal?

    Daniel R. DePetris Security, Or will Bolton and company get the last laugh?  President Donald Trump is nothing but unconventional. On North Korea, Trump saw twenty-five years of failed policy and realized that something significantly dramatic needed to be done if the United States had any chance at addressing the roots of the problem: a cataclysmic chasm of mistrust between Washington and Pyongyang and two positions on the nuclear issue that were seemingly irreconcilable. So, in typical...

    The National Interest
  • Messi slams referees, corruption after Copa America red card

    Lionel Messi had another frustrating Copa América ending and boycotted the medal ceremony to protest refereeing decisions and alleged corruption.

    ABC News
  • Messi slams referees, corruption after Copa America red card

    SÃO PAULO (AP) - Lionel Messi was sent off in the first half of the third-place game between Argentina and Chile in the Copa América on Saturday. Messi was red carded after getting into a shoving match with Chile midfielder Gary Medel, who also was ejected. Messi and Medel got

    The Washington Times