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  • The United States Of Fascism Hysteria

    Authored (Satirically) by CJ Hopkins via The Unz Review, So it’s been an exciting few weeks for Antifa and the rest of the neoliberal Resistance. OK, they haven’t yet managed to overthrow the Putin-Nazi occupation government (hereinafter “POG”), but they’ve definitely got “the Fash” on the run. “Fascism” hysteria is spreading like wildfire. Liberal Twitter mobs are out for blood. At this point, it’s only a matter of time until the sleeping giant of normality awakens and purges America of the...

    Zero Hedge
  • Europe Is Stuck between the United States and Russia

    Lyle J. Goldstein Security, Eurasia Is America using the Nord Stream-2 Gas Pipeline as a target for its hostility toward Russia? For those monitoring Russia policy, the Democratic Party debates proved something of a welcome relief. After all the ink and airtime devoted to Russia in American media over the last three years, questions related to Russia hardly came up at all. It has indeed been profoundly disturbing for this sometimes “Russia-hand” to watch the total conflation (and yes,...

    The National Interest
  • United States v. Jeffrey Epstein

    The financier, long accused of sexually assaulting underage girls, has been shielded from federal charges for decades. Now, in the #MeToo era, a new indictment has revived the case.
  • Could the United States and China be Rivalry Partners?

    Graham Allison Security, Asia In the long sweep of history, when a rising power threatens to displace a ruling power, alarm bells should sound: extreme danger ahead. The strategic rationale for the relationship between the United States and China has collapsed. After a quarter century in which American presidents sought to integrate a rapidly developing China into the American-led international order, the United States has concluded that what it thought was a “strategic partner” is in fact a...

    The National Interest
  • Is the United States Ready for a Tech War?

    Daniel Gerstein Security, Americas The Trump administration should develop technology priorities, and technologies considered vital to U.S. economic and national security should receive investments to stimulate advances and promote American leadership. A global “technology war” that will likely shape U.S. economic and national security well into the twenty-first century is emerging. Many technologies have become the focus of this war, with winners and losers are already beginning to emerge. At...

    The National Interest
  • 15 of the most remarkable trees in the United States

    From the world's largest to ones that were here long before the Mayflower, these noble trees are nothing less than U.S. national treasures.

  • WHERE ARE THEY NOW: First kids of the United States

    Barron Trump, 13, has lived in the White House for almost two years. It's the first time since John F. Kennedy Jr. that a boy is living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The first kids of US presidents are in the public eye almost as much as their parents. They dictate fashion trends, appear on their parents' behalf at embassies around the world, and sometimes host senior prom in the White House East Room. But when the first family departs, the spotlight typically turns away from them. We're taking a...

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