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  • Surprise: ‘CBS Evening News’ Puts Aside Nonsense to Cover Border Crisis

    After the CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell debuted with two nights of rampant liberal bias on a number of fronts, Wednesday’s installment included a rare reprieve with substantive, snark-free coverage of the illegal immigration crisis at the border (compared to what we usually see from them) and another example of how, even in the liberal media, broken clocks can occasionally be right.

  • Norah O'Donnell Called Out Trump's Racist Tweets In Her CBS Evening News Debut

    Veteran reporter Norah O'Donnell debuted as host of the CBS Evening News on Monday night, and wasted no time differentiating her show from other mainstream media when she, clearly and directly, called President Donald Trump's recent attacks on four freshman congresswomen "racist." Taking over a historic position once occupied by Walter Cronkite, who covered the Vietnam War and the assassination of John F. Kennedy, O'Donnell is only the third woman to have a nightly news broadcast to herself...

  • CBS holds bizarre ‘pep rally’ for staffers amid ‘Evening News’ shake-up

    Norah O’Donnell, news division president Susan Zirinsky and new executive producer Kim Godwin starred in taped “music video” set to a DJ Khaled song.

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