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  • China cracks down on podcasts and audio apps

    The recent cleanup on audio information follows China's serial crackdown on online text information, video, and games that commenced last year.

  • Which football clubs have replaced players with same-name signings?

    Plus: outfield players wearing trousers and more tennis-playing footballers. Mail us or tweet @TheKnowledge_GU “Last week QPR sold Matt Smith to Millwall and signed another Matt Smith on loan from Manchester City

    the Guardian
  • Podcasts in SERPs: Is Audio SEO the Next Frontier?

    Posted by Dr-Pete One of the many bits of news from Google I/O 2019 was that Google would soon start displaying podcasts in search results. "Soon" turned out to be very soon, as we're already seeing these results surface. Here's one from a search for our own podcast, MozPod: While the feature itself is interesting, and the fact that the main result goes to Apple while the episodes go to Google is entertaining, the talk out of I/O suggested something much more intriguing – that Google would soon...