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  • It's about time: 10 meals that take 10 minutes, and 10 that take 10 hours

    Whether you need a quick fix or have hours to while away, there is a delicious recipe for you. What you cook in lockdown can depend heavily on time. Some people suddenly have to feed multiple hungry mouths several times a day. Others have hours to while away and need a task absorbing enough to take their minds off the people and places they miss. Whichever camp you fall into, there are recipes here for you. Continue reading

    the Guardian
  • The Most Beautiful Lake-House Retreats On Airbnb

    There's something magical about a lakeside getaway: you can be as lazy as you want (lounge on the dock, take a leisurely dip, or simply sit in an inner tube and float around for hours) or you can get active (water skiing, hiking the perimeter of the lake, and paddling around in kayaks or canoes). In other words, lake days are ideal for all sorts of outdoor enjoyment — and with so many scattered across the country, that fun is never too far away.Ahead, more than a few of the most amazing lake...

  • Europe’s 10 most LGBTQ-friendly countries

    ILGA-Europe ranked 49 European countries based on how their laws and policies affect the lives of LGBTQ people. Find out which nations topped the list.

    NBC News
  • 10 beautifully weird comedy shows you can stream right now

    Perhaps one of the greatest gifts of the streaming era is the abundance of truly weird and wonderful TV available at our fingertips. In the 2010s and beyond, TV comedy took a distinct turn for the weird, inspired by shows like 30 Rock and Community as we entered a new decade.  It's easy for weird shows to struggle with finding an audience while on-air, either because they lack the broad appeal to entice networks and advertisers, or even after they're finished, with thousands of other titles to...