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  • A guide to the players Senate Republicans want to subpoena as they re-litigate the Russia probe into Trump

    Most of them are former Obama officials whom President Trump has vilified over the past three years.

    Washington Post
  • The Point: Republicans are wimping out again on Donald Trump

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  • Stop Saying Donald Trump Colluded with Russia

    Ted Galen Carpenter Security, Eurasia It’s possible that most people who originally embraced the Russia collusion allegations honestly believed them and concluded that a far-reaching investigation was warranted. But we’ve had that investigation, and given the many exculpatory revelations that have emerged over the past year, Trump’s accusers no longer have a credible excuse for their persistence. The passage of time has not been kind to allegations that Donald Trump and his 2016 presidential...

    The National Interest
  • Donald Trump urges House Republicans to vote against FISA renewal

    President Trump late Tuesday urged House Republicans to vote against the reauthorization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, saying Congress should not support it until a full investigation into how it was used to monitor members of his campaign is completed. "I hope all Republican House Members vote NO on

    The Washington Times