Fox News praises Trump for hiring such good accountants to clean up his business incompetence

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@rawstory—The bombshell report in The New York Times documenting President Donald Trump losing over a billion dollars in his failed business ventures and writing off his losses to pay zero income tax for eight years is, by all accounts, a damning picture of the president. But according to Fox News' Marc Thiessen, it's actually cause for praising Trump — because it proves his skill in hiring accountants. "I always thought that the reason why Donald

In 2019, 92% of Trump's nationally televised interviews have been on Fox News or Fox Business. Melissa Joskow / Media Matters In mid-March, President Donald Trump used Twitter to pressure Fox News to bring back suspended host Jeanine Pirro and lash out at three Fox anchors. Since then, Trump has given interviews to Fox Business and Fox News seven times. So far in 2019, 92% of all of his nationally televised interviews have been on Fox channels, with nearly two-thirds of them occurring after he lashed out on Twitter. On March 17, Trump took a shot at three Fox News anchors complaining...