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  • Slack Plunges To All Time Low, Drops Below IPO Price On Disappointing Guidance

    If seems like it was only yesterday that Slack became the latest Silicon Valley darling to go public, or rather "public", because unlike most of its peers, instead of filing to go public via an initial public offering, Slack filed an application for a Direct Listing, for one simple reason: unlike an IPO which carries a 180-day lockup period for insiders and pre-IPO shareholders, stakeholders in the Slack June 20 direct listing could sell right away (as long as they've owned their stake for at...

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  • A High-End Smartphone Without The High-End Price Tag

    It’s not often that a smartphone comes along that packs in all the bells and whistles we’ve come to know and love - err demand - in a smart device, that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg
  • The Best Suede Sneakers In Your Price Range

    Do you remember that scene in The Devil Wears Prada when Miranda Priestley looks at two nearly identical turquoise belts and the assistant holding them murmurs, “I know, they’re so different,” only for Andy to laugh and that sets off the whole monologue about cerulean? Read more

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  • Amazon's newest Echo is down to an incredible low price

    Amazon just released the Echo Show 5 a few months ago to rave reviews, yet they're already discounting it to an amazing low price.

  • WeWork postpones IPO, share price plummets

    WeWork pushed back its much-awaited initial public offering as the company seeks more time to allay investor doubts over its governance, slashed valuation and business prospects.

  • Low price on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+

    This is the lowest price I've seen for a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ single board computer. It has a 1.4GHz 64-bit quad-core processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. These Pis are great for playing retro video games (emulators for almost every game platform from the 80s and 90s you can think of are available). This Amazon deal is 16% claimed so far. Once it's fully claimed the price will go back up. Read the rest

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  • Ridiculously low price for electric guitar strings

    I don't know how long this deal will last, but I just bought a set of GHS Thin Core Boomers for . The strings on my Telecaster are at least 10 years old, so I think it's time. Read the rest

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