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  • Goldman Sachs CFO talks Apple Card risk as summer US launch looms

    We’re likely just weeks (or days) away from the launch of Apple Card, which Apple has developed in conjunction with Goldman Sachs. During Goldman’s Q2 earnings call today, CFO Stephen Scherr offered details on the development of Apple Card, the risk associated with it, and more. As detailed by CNBC, Goldman Sachs has spent $275

  • Trump says US, North Korea agree to resume nuclear talks within weeks

    President Trump said following his historic meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un on Sunday that the two leaders had agreed to restart a discussion on the communist nation's nuclear program.

    Fox News
  • China and US trade talks to resume, but don’t hold your breath for a deal just yet

    After months of stalemate between Chinese and U.S. trade negotiators, President Donald Trump returned from the G20 summit in Osaka over the weekend, triumphant that he’s managed to secure a meeting on the sidelines with China’s President Xi Jinping. In fact, by Monday, the president was giving the impression that the ball is already rolling [