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  • America’s Child Care Crisis Is an Economic Crisis

    Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and other candidates finally take notice.
  • Media, Dems Shift From 'Manufactured Crisis' to 'Crisis' at Border

    Leading media personalities and top Democratic officials have gone from saying there was no "crisis" at the southern border to saying there is one.

    Washington Free Beacon
  • UCCP in crisis

    Dramatic developments in the pursuance of a return to the original United Church of Christ in the Philippines’ constitution and by-laws have included filing of charges in the prosecutor’s office and the UCCP’s National Commission on Discipline and Conflict Resolution (NCDCR)
  • UCCP in crisis

    It is saddening that at its 71st year of existence, the United Church of Christ in the Philippines is in the grip of disunity. by Domini M. Torrevillas
  • Bishop sees no crisis

    In fairness to the UCCP national leadership, I am putting out the response of Bishop Jessie Suarez to my article on the crisis gripping the organization. It is my hope that the conflict be resolved as soon as possible. by Domini M. Torrevillas
  • Is the polling industry in crisis?

    After the outcome of the 2016 election defied most conventional polling, are we right to be skeptical this time around? Former Obama 2012 pollster, Cornell Belcher, and staff writer at The New Republic, Walter Shapiro, join Craig Melvin to discuss.
  • The Polling Industry Is in Crisis

    The polls were unequivocal. In 2016, two days before Michigan’s Democratic primary, the respected Marist poll predicted that Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide, with 57 percent of the vote to Bernie Sanders’s 40 percent. On the morning of the March 8 primary, James Hohmann of The Washington Post wrote, “Michigan should have been fertile territory for Bernie Sanders’s populist and protectionist message, but he’s expected to lose the Democratic primary there today by double digits.” That...

    The New Republic