Homelessness Is Not a Crime

The New Republic -

The New Republic—Denver received national attention this week after voters there passed Initiative 301 to decriminalize hallucinogenic mushrooms. The result of Initiative 300, which would have repealed the city’s ban on public camping and sleeping under a blanket, passed with almost no notice beyond the local press. Initiative 300’s proponents described it as a “right to survive” measure, since arresting and prosecuting homeless people for committing an essential human activity makes it that much harder for them...

How Seattle’s elite brushes off violent homeless crime. A year ago, in Seattle, a man living in a city-funded homeless encampment raped a woman in the bathroom of a Volkswagen dealership in the city’s Ballard neighborhood, according to the victim and law enforcers. Christopher Teel had arrived from Texas as a transient and was evading at least one active warrant, but the city-sanctioned