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  • If English women’s football is to catch the USA’s, schools will be key

    There is a gulf in funding for girls’ and women’s football between the two countries but the FA plans to narrow it “The last Fifa World Cup was a remarkable achievement but we are setting an even more ambitious target for 2023. To achieve this we will be working tirelessly with the clubs in the FA Women’s Super League to create a vision for the women’s game that is mutually supportive and will be the envy of the world.” That was the Football Association’s head of women’s football, Sue Campbell....

    the Guardian
  • People have fallen for women’s football. We must ensure it’s a long-term relationship

    The future of the women’s game has never looked brighter but keeping fans interested after the World Cup is vital to its growth The Women’s World Cup has been a tournament we will look back on as the point when all of our longstanding expectation of what women’s football could be was realised. You just have to look at television viewing figures around the world, which have been better than anything the men’s game has managed this year with nearly 12 million people tuning in to watch England’s...

    the Guardian
  • Brandi Chastain’s sports bra changed women’s soccer — and women’s history — 20 years ago

    With the U.S. women’s soccer team in Sunday's World Cup finals, we revisit Chastain's game-winning penalty kick and the exuberant, underwear-exposing celebration that followed.

    Washington Post