Donald Trump thinks the Fourth of July needs much more Donald Trump

Mother Jones -

Mother Jones—This year’s Fourth of July Celebration in Washington, DC—a typically nonpartisan affair that attracts hundreds of thousands celebrants to the nation’s capital—will break from tradition, thanks to President Donald Trump. The president has ordered that the massive fireworks display that usually takes place over the National Mall be moved to West Potomac Park, closer to [

Donald Trump commandeers D.C. Fourth of July celebration to add ... himself. If you missed the news, on Friday The Washington Post reported that Donald Trump's would-be military parade turned would-be Veterans Day military parade has now morphed into Donald Trump commandeering Washington, D.C.'s, Fourth of July fireworks celebration to move its location, add "entertainers," and insert himself into the festivities. The new tentative plan is for Donald, being the most important thing to have ever existed in America, past or present, to grace the nation with a speech in...