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  • Released METS Minor Leaguer Blasts Team Over Signing Tim Tebow, 'Toxic' Culture; 'They Made A Mockery Of Our Team'...

    The former second round pick in the 2013 Draft took to Instagram after his release and offered his opinions of the organization's player development.

  • The 10 Best College Football Teams of All Time

    Want an easy way to generate debate? Ask 10 fans who they believe is the greatest team in college football history, and you're likely to receive several different answers. This conversation demands a hefty qualifier

    Bleacher Report
  • Which football team has been the quickest to take a 2-0 lead?

    Plus: goal-averse well-capped international forwards, almost perfect mid-table mediocrity and professional grandparents Mail us your questions or tweet @TheKnowledge_GU “What is the shortest time it’s taken a team to get a two-goal lead from the start of a game?” writes Paul Landsberg. “Has anyone managed to get 2-0 up by the second minute?” “Yes they have,” yelps Robin Tucker. “England’s Women beat Turkey 8-0 in 2013. Not only did they go 2-0 up in the second minute, but Toni Duggan got both...

    the Guardian
  • How the 'Homecoming' Team Made Sure Season 2 Was the Same (But Different)

    The people who brought Homecoming Season 2 to life knew they had a challenge ahead of them. After all, the first season of the Amazon half-hour drama was unique in so many fascinating ways: It was based on a scripted podcast, starred a very de-glammed Julia Roberts, and experimented with every aspect of production, even the shape of the frame itself. Much of that came courtesy of Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail, who directed every episode and clearly had a ball incorporating long takes and classic...