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  • Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz complains about media labeling Trump's tweets as "racist"

    HOWARD KURTZ (FOX NEWS MEDIA ANALYST): There has been thunderous media condemnation of President Trump's attacks on these four freshmen, as he knew there would be, as he actually wanted, in my view, because he gets the Democrats to defend the four freshmen and then he can argue they are siding with women who he calls socialist who hate America. As far as the straight news people -- most of those were anchors that you showed -- many, many outlets have just skipped the "critics say" part and they...

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  • Fox News launders Trump’s most brazen lie

    Democrats, according to the president, failed on the preexisting-conditions front, whereas Republicans conquered it. Fox News took it live.
  • Trump's escalating war on the media: not even Fox News is safe

    Trump enjoys high approval ratings because he innures his followers to objective reporting. But his war on the media is now reaching frighetning new heights.

  • Trump declares his victory over the news media with a unbroken spew of lies

    Thursday was an all-too-typical day at the Twitter mines for Donald Trump. In addition to giving juicy hints that he was going to end that constitutional crisis thing by simply ending the Constitution, Trump laced his morning rants with all the none-too-subtle racism, misogyny, and simple ignorance that his base demands. And then he spent a lot of time on the topic of the day: what a wonderful job he’s done destroying the free press. The focus of Trump’s activities at the White House on...
  • Fox News Calls Out Media for Ignoring Latest Omar Scandal

    When a scandal is uncovered surrounding a Republican lawmaker or a conservative in general, the liberal media outlets come out in full force to cover every last detail. The same cannot be said when a Democrat finds themselves in hot water, as in the case of left-wing Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Fox News’ Watters’ World was one of the only shows to dedicate airtime to the story on Saturday night.

  • Fox News’ Newt Gingrich: If Rep. Ilhan Omar "dislikes America this much, why is she here?"

    NEWT GINGRICH: When you talk to 95 percent of the legal immigrants who come to America, they are grateful to be here. They are thrilled to live under the rule of law. They think it's wonderful that they can work hard and have a prosperous future. They think their children will be dramatically better off. And for some reason, what you are seeing emerge is this little tiny sliver of left-wing fanatics who have come to believe things that are factually false. And I just want to say, I'm prepared to...

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  • Rep. Joaquin Castro calls Fox News host Laura Ingraham ‘a white supremacist’

    Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, called Fox News host Laura Ingraham a “white supremacist” on Wednesday during a heated back-and-forth with the conservative pundit over conditions at migrant detention facilities near the U.S.-Mexico border. The feud erupted on Twitter over pictures and videos Castro shared on the social media platform of the facilities operated by the [