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  • Is the COVID-19 pandemic good news or bad news for renewable energy?

    SAN DIEGO — The unprecedented scope of the coronavirus outbreak has led to an equal measure of uncertainty in the renewable energy sector.Will the depth of the pandemic slow down investment in solar, wind and other cleaner energy projects? Or will the economic tumult that the virus has wrought on the oil and gas segments [
  • "Good" Things That Are Bad, And "Bad" Things That Are Good

    "Good" Things That Are Bad, And "Bad" Things That Are Good Tyler Durden Sun, 05/17/2020 - 15:35 Authored by Andrew Sheets, chief global strategist at Morgan Stanley For all the sound and fury of the last month, global stock markets are roughly unchanged. Our overall strategic stance remains constructive, on the view that an improving trend in economic data will matter more than a poor level, risk premiums generally remain above average, policy support is aggressive and...

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  • The good news is HBO Max's best new show stars Elmo. That's also the bad news.

    Hopefully consumers can figure out the differences among HBO Max, Now and Go quickly enough to make it a streaming contender.

    NBC News
  • Good news and bad news from vaccine trials, while a Chinese team hunts a COVID-19 'cure'

    Two of the most watched COVID-19 vaccine trials have already brought some very (very) early results, which is raising hopes that a vaccine genuinely might arrive sooner rather than later. This comes on the heels of a study from South Korea that makes it more likely that a vaccine can be effective. It’s still not absolutely certain that having antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus results in immunity to developing COVID-19. That evidence is unlikely to come until there are more long-term studies of...