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  • Democrats pile on President Trump over China trade war

    Democratic hopefuls took a chance to swipe at the president’s trade strategy at the third debate, but did not offer much policy in return. CNBC Editor at Large John Harwood, former Senator Bob Torricelli, and Bulwark Editor in Chief Charlie Sykes join Stephanie Ruhle to break down what the candidates had to say and whether they offered any promising solutions.
  • Dem candidates stumble on how to counter Trump on the trade war with China

    Trump has put Democratic presidential hopefuls in an awkward spot through his efforts to pressure China to change practices that put Americans at a disadvantage. At the third Democratic primary debate Thursday night, the question of how to reclaim that playbook on trade was on full display. But the trade war has also presented challenges for Trump, whose most recent polls suggest Americans are growing worried about tariffs.  Visit the Markets Insider homepage for more stories. For the 2020...
  • Everyone has forgotten about why Donald Trump can't win a trade war with China

    In all the chaos of markets convulsing and tariffs rising, it's been easy to forget the main objectives of the US's trade war with China. And in doing so, it's easy to forget that those objectives are at odds with one another. On one hand you have USTR Robert Lighthizer and his stated aim of turning China into a market-based economy. On the other hand you have Donald Trump, a populist obsessed with forcing China to buy more goods — a market distorting demand. This inconsistency has seriously...

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