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  • Why absolutely everyone should be concerned about facial recognition

    The tech world moves so quickly that dystopia can arrive without us realizing it. That seems to be the trajectory we're on with facial recognition. Some of the biggest names in the tech space are developing advanced facial recognition systems and selling them to governments around the world, but the general public might not fully understand all the risks they bring. With prominent politicians like New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaking out about the dangers of facial...

  • The Racist History Behind Facial Recognition

    When will we finally learn we cannot predict people’s character from their appearance?
  • Abortion Might Not Cut Crime Rates After All

    While overall numbers of crimes rose and fell in line with abortion, this effect vanishes when adjusting for the size of the population. This conclusion challenges prevailing explanations, including the idea that abortion reduces the number of "unwanted" children who might otherwise commit crimes. The post Abortion Might Not Cut Crime Rates After All appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

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