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  • How to find out which facial recognition databases you may be in

    APPhoto/Mike Derer The Electronic Frontier Foundation has partnered with Georgetown Law's Center on Privacy & Technology on a project to determine the likelihood that your photos have been culled for use by facial-recognition databases. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Call me paranoid privacy conscious, but I don't relish the thought of being present in too many government databases. This is especially so given the exorbitant levels of nation-state cyber activity and...

    Business Insider
  • Mapped: The State Of Facial Recognition Around The World

    Mapped: The State Of Facial Recognition Around The World Tyler Durden Mon, 05/25/2020 - 21:00 From public CCTV cameras to biometric identification systems in airports, facial recognition technology is now common in a growing number of places around the world. In its most benign form, facial recognition technology is a convenient way to unlock your smartphone. However, as Visual Capitalist's Iman Ghosh notes, at the state level, facial recognition is a key component of...

    Zero Hedge
  • How Fashion Designers Are Thwarting Facial Recognition Surveillance

    Every day, your movement is tracked. Your purchases are logged, your searches saved. And increasingly, your face is scanned. Facial recognition technology is becoming more widespread daily, and governments are finding new applications in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Privacy International reports that 24 countries have already implemented location tracking to help ensure compliance with quarantines. Were you thinking that face masks might help protect your privacy? China's facial...
  • Boston Is Considering a Ban on Facial Recognition Technology

    Boston city council members introduced an ordinance that would ban the city government from using the technology. The ACLU hopes to pass the ordinance before the existing surveillance network is renewed on May 14.