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  • Trump Rages At Fox News, Says It's Now Worse Than 'Fake News CNN'

    The president again lashes out at his onetime favorite news network.

  • Trump flips OUT at Fox News: 'Worse than watching low ratings Fake News CNN'

    President Trump totally wigged out on his natural ally Fox News Channel on Sunday night, with very little to explain what exactly it was that caused offense. Out of the blue, Trump unleashed a tirade on Fox, calling the weekend programming worse than CNN, which is about the most cutting insult that anyone in MAGA can give anyone. Trump world weighs CNN just slightly below the bugs on the bottom of Kim Jong Un's tiny shoes, so he had to be really, really mad. And he not only compared them...

  • How to survive the fake news about cancer

    The internet is awash with ads for costly but bogus treatments – and claims that scientists are suppressing a cure for the disease For Eileen O’Sullivan, being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 was the catalyst for a deluge of distinctly unscientific and frequently dangerous advice. An investment manager with a analytical mind, she began seeking information to better understand her potentially life-altering condition. But from the moment Eileen starting searching online, misinformation was...

    the Guardian
  • How Facebook fought fake news about itself

    Since 2016, Facebook employees have used Stormchaser to track many viral posts, including a popular conspiracy that the company listens to users through their phone’s microphone, according to three former employees.

  • Reagan, Trump and Fake News

    It's no fair for the rest of us to notice any of the rare liberal media stories that support our arguments or criticize the left.�
  • Podcast: Fake News is an Oracle

    In my latest podcast, I read my new Locus column: Fake News is an Oracle. For many years, I've been arguing that while science fiction can't predict the future, it can reveal important truths about the present: the stories writers tell reveal their hopes and fears about technology, while the stories that gain currency in our discourse and our media markets tell us about our latent societal aspirations and anxieties. Fake news is another important barometer of our societal pressure: when we...

    Boing Boing
  • Training journalists in the era of fake news

    As uncannily realistic “deep fake” videos proliferate online, including one recently retweeted by Donald Trump, journalism schools are scrambling to adapt to an era of misinformation — or fake news. Experts discussed how to train tomorrow’s reporters for these new challenges at the World Journalism Education Congress in Paris last week. The three-day event — [