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  • Facebook’s regulation dodge: Let us, or China will – TechCrunch

    Facebook is leaning on fears of China exporting its authoritarian social values to counter arguments that it should be broken up or slowed down. Its top executives have each claimed that if the U.S. limits its size, blocks its acquisitions or bans its cryptocurrency, Chinese company’s absent these restrictions will win abroad, bringing more power [

  • U.S. Embassy Concerned About 'Deteriorated' Condition of American Citizen Jailed in Russia

    Russian authorities have reportedly rejected a request to send a doctor to examine Paul Whelan

  • Help Us Solve the Mystery of the Pentagon’s Weird Purple Water Fountain

    Jeff Schogol Security, Help needed.  Help!  Hear me readers: Your friend and humble narrator needs your assistance. Those of us who have long been inside the Five-Sided Fun-House have grown accustomed to some of the building's eccentricities. For example, not too far from this reporter's cubicle, a purple water fountain sits encased in glass along with a plaque that says no one knows how or why this particular Pentagon water fountain is made out of purple marble. "As all legends go, no one is...

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