McDonald's in Austria will help US citizens contact US embassy

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Boing Boing—The US embassy in Austria has made a deal with the 194 McDonald's restaurants in Austria to help US citizens in distress by putting them in touch with embassy staff who can help with lost passports and other emergencies. From BBC: A 24-hour hotline to the embassy is part of the arrangement. The embassy said it was ensuring that American citizens had every option available to get in touch when in need - "the #1 duty of every embassy around the world". McDonald's said it saw itself as a type of...

Would You Like a Passport With That? McDonald’s Partners With U.S. Embassy in Austria to Help Stranded Tourists. In a move that has raised many eyebrows on social media, McDonald’s and the U.S. Embassy in Vienna, Austria, have partnered to help Americans stranded abroad. Tourists can now go to any of the 194 McDonald’s in Austria and be given a round-the-clock number to contact the U.S. Embassy, as well as a phone to