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  • Iran announces announces higher enrichment levels set by 2015 nuclear deal

    Iran on Monday said it has surpassed uranium enrichment levels set by the 2015 nuclear deal but did not specify how much more the enrichment levels would rise, according to reports.

    Fox News
  • The best hostels in Europe

    An expert guide to the best hostels in Europe, including the top places to stay for backpackers and those looking for cheap hostels, in locations including London, Paris and Amsterdam.

    The Telegraph
  • Europe: 3rd superpower

    It is to be expected that the main geopolitical concern of the Filipino people are events in the Asia Pacific region, especially contentious issues with China in the South China Sea. by Elfren S. Cruz
  • The Council of Europe Blunders

    Why is the Council of Europe playing footsie with Russia?�
  • Government announces pension increase

    Increases to national and guarantee pensions will see retirees and others receive a minimum of about 1,000 euros per month.

    Yle Uutiset
  • These toxic caterpillars are terrorizing Europe

    Beware the march of the hairy caterpillars. Large chunks of Europe are battling pesky infestations of oak processionary caterpillars, whose tiny toxic hairs get captured and spread by wind — and cause severe allergic reactions and skin irritations in humans and pets. Millions of the inch-long insects, moving nose-to-tail in processions, have appeared across the

    New York Post
  • Safaricom announces interim CEO

    Kenya’s most valuable company Safaricom Plc appointed Michael Joseph, acclaimed for starting its mobile payments platform 12 years ago, as interim chief executive officer following the death of Bob Collymore.