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  • Defiant UK lawmakers move to bar ‘no deal’ Brexit

    With Britain’s prime minister weakened by a major defeat in Parliament, defiant lawmakers move to bar Boris Johnson from pursuing a “no-deal” departure from the EU.

    Washington Post
  • UK's Johnson buffeted in Luxembourg, says Brexit deal emerging

    Britain's Boris Johnson said on Monday that a Brexit deal was beginning to emerge, but the EU said he offered nothing to break the impasse during a visit to Luxembourg where he was harangued loudly by protesters and rebuked for trying to shift the blame.

  • UK’s Boris Johnson under fire over no-deal Brexit assessment

    The British government faced a backlash on Thursday after it was forced to publish documents warning that a no-deal Brexit could lead to civil unrest and shortages of food and medicines. The “Operation Yellowhammer” papers, which the government released late on Wednesday, revealed that preparedness for leaving the EU without an agreement remained “at a [