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  • China Lashes out at George Soros for Criticism of Huawei

    China’s state-run Global Times gave a big thumbs-down on Tuesday to the September 9 Wall Street Journal editorial penned by left-wing billionaire political activist George Soros, in which Soros praised President Donald Trump for adopting the right trade strategy toward China and urged Trump to stay the course against Chinese telecom giant Huawei.

  • Justin Trudeau sharpens criticism of China in Huawei spat

    Canada's PM says China "plays by a very different set of rules and principles than we do in the West".

    BBC News
  • US-China Trade War: Huawei switches from Windows to Linux

    The company lost its Android license due to the Trump administration's blacklist earlier this year.

    International Business Times UK
  • China criticizes US opposition to Chinese 5G telecom tech

    BEIJING (AP) - China on Friday criticized Washington's opposition to Chinese-made next-generation telecoms technology after Vice President Mike Pence called on Iceland and other governments to find alternatives. A foreign ministry spokesman, Geng Shuang, accused American leaders of "abusing the concept of national security" to block Chinese commercial activity. China's

    The Washington Times