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  • They told us DRM would give us more for less, but they lied

    My latest Locus Magazine column is DRM Broke Its Promise, which recalls the days when digital rights management was pitched to us as a way to enable exciting new markets where we'd all save big by only buying the rights we needed (like the low-cost right to read a book for an hour-long plane ride), but instead (unsurprisingly) everything got more expensive and less capable. For 40 years, University of Chicago-style market orthodoxy has promised widespread prosperity as a natural consequence...

    Boing Boing
  • Declaring war would keep us in peace

    If America declared war, America would never be at war. Well, maybe not never. But hardly ever. If Congress didn’t cede its constitutional authority to declare war to the president, and to the president’s influencing powers, we’d at least have clarity on the conflicts we currently face, and know when to get in, when to get out.

    The Washington Times
  • Palestinian Harvard student barred from US is allowed in

    Ismail Ajjawi is admitted after he was controversially blocked based on social media posts, he said.

    BBC News
  • Abbas: Trump Trampling on Palestinians' 'Culture of Peace'

    TEL AVIV -- Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said from Berlin that the Palestinians were engaged in "spreading a culture of peace" but that the Trump administration was hampering efforts to stabilize the region.