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  • A Europe That Hates Itself

    A left-wing German arts festival expresses a civilizational death wish

    The American Conservative
  • The Anti-Slavery Constitution

    Tim Sandefur has an excellent column, The Anti-Slavery Constitution, in National Review magazine that is available online. After a lengthy and accurate summary of abolitionist constitutionalism, here is the payoff last passage: A year before his death [Frederick Douglass] bemoaned the resurgence of the old canards that the United States was meant only for whites and that blacks should be transported to Africa or somewhere else. "The bad thing," he said, was that this idea had even "begun to be...
  • The new imperialism and slavery

    I mentioned in one of my columns recently what the Singaporean historian Wong Linken said, that Southeast Asia was better ruled by colonialists because their governments were far more efficient. by F. Sionil Jose