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  • China vs. Japan: Is the East China Sea Showdown Back on?

    Howard Wang Security, What does the data tell us? On May 28, U.S. president Donald Trump and Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe boarded a Japanese Izumo-class helicopter carrier to reaffirm their commitment to the U.S.-Japan military alliance. Broadly publicized in Japanese media, the two leaders spoke before a joint audience of 500 members of the U.S. Navy and Japan’s Maritime Self Defense Force (MSDF). Onboard the JS Kaga helicopter carrier, Prime Minister Abe reasserted the need for...

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  • Iran’s United Nations ambassador accused the United States on Monday of showing no respect for international law

    Iran's United Nations ambassador accused the United States on Monday of sho

  • The United States’ Debt to Immigrants

    This spring, while on break in London, I rode the train two hours north to Birmingham and back in one evening to see an exhibit by the British artist Hew Locke. I’d seen his work in New York and was taken with his visual vocabulary, one entirely his own and haunted by colonialism. He transforms found objects and historical memorabilia (old coins, for example) into armadas of model boats that evoke refugees, slaves, immigrants; and he dresses Victorian statues as if they were going to Carnival,...

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