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  • China Will Dominate High-Tech Unless the United States Takes Off the Gloves

    Tom Le, Lucy Onderwyzer Gold, Ryan Levy Security, Americas Washington needs to do more to compete with Beijing in technology. China’s ability to strike back at the U.S. proposed tariffs on Chinese imports was made dramatically apparent last week when markets reacted negatively to China’s devaluation of the yuan and the announcement that it would impose an additional $75 billion in tariffs on U.S. goods. The U.S.-China trade war has affected businesses from Apple to American cherry growers and...

    The National Interest
  • China’s state media slams Soros for rare agreement with Trump vs Huawei

    by WorldTribune Staff, September 19, 2019 China’s Global Times propaganda outlet lashed out at leftist billionaire George Soros for his support of U.S. President Donald Trump’s war against Chinese telecom giant Huawei. In a Sept. 9 Wall Street Journal op-ed, Soros wrote that Trump was taking the right course in viewing Huawei’s electronic products as a national security threat. [caption id=attachment_73682 align=alignleft width=405] George Soros. / Photo by...

    World Tribune: Window on the Real World
  • Asian stocks rally after China announces next round of trade talks with United States

    Stocks in Asia broadly rallied Thursday after Chinese officials announced that they've agreed with the United States to hold another round of trade talks in Washington next month.