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  • Weekend Box Office: 'It Chapter Two' Earns $91 Million in the U.S., Wins Box Office Race

    IT Chapter Two may have won its opening weekend at the U.S. box office and zoomed past predictions but don't be fooled: this was a fairly grim weekend in terms of theatrical sales overall. Sequels rarely do as well as their predecessors, so it's not too shocking that IT Chapter Two only pulled in $91 million at domestic box offices versus the $123 million IT earned in its opening weekend back in 2017. What's really been a boon for this sequel is the international opening weekend gross. Across...

  • ‘Frozen dragon of the north wind’ flew over North America 77 million years ago, scientists say

    The “Cryodrakon boreas,” a newly discovered reptile, was one of the largest ever flying animals and lived in modern-day Alberta during the Cretaceous period about 77 million years ago, a study found.
  • Weekend Box Office: America's theaters were all about It (Chapter Two, that is)

    Take the box office results for every other film in the top 30 positions on the chart for this past weekend, combine them into a single dollar amount, and you’d still end up with less than half of what It Chapter Two pulled in during its three-day opening. Clowns may be unwelcome guests most places, but they’re a pretty inviting sight at the nation’s multiplexes, it seems.

  • Emu takes flight on California freeway before officers run it to ground

    Bird apprehended after brief chase on US 99 near FresnoOfficers unsure if escapee came from farm or moving vehicleAuthorities in California captured an emu which led officers on a chase down a highway. The Fresno Bee reported on Friday that the bird was apprehended following a brief pursuit by officers with the California highway patrol. Continue reading

    the Guardian
  • How Many Millions Would Die if America and North Korea Went to War?

    Kyle Mizokami Security, How Trump would strike. Also on Okinawa is the sprawling Kadena Air Base, home of the 44th and 67th fighter squadrons, both of which fly the F-15C/D Eagle fighter. Kadena is also home to a squadron of K-135 Stratotanker aerial refueling aircraft, a squadron of E-3 Sentry airborne early warning and control (AWACS) aircraft, and two rescue squadrons. Farther from a potential Korean battlefield (but still in missile range) Kadena would act as a regional support hub for...

    The National Interest
  • Box office: 'It Chapter Two' floats with $91-million opening

    Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema's "It Chapter Two" scored $91 million in its first weekend, making it the second-biggest horror movie opening of all time, behind its 2017 predecessor.

    Los Angeles Times
  • North Korea Has Figured Out How to Take on America in a War: Underground Air Bases?

    Kyle Mizokami Security, And that is just the start of Pyongyang's plan to 'dig in'.  Kim's underground military?  North Korea, one of the most secretive countries in the world, is no stranger to building underground military facilities. Whether a tunnel dug under the demilitarized zone designed to pass thousands of troops an hour, or bunkers to accommodate the regime’s leadership, North Korea has built extensive underground facilities designed to give it an edge in wartime. Recommended:...

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