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  • Trump is spurring on the global economy

    Using his head.

    Washington Post
  • Global stocks are surging after Trump delays China tariffs

    World stocks rose on Thursday after President Donald Trump delayed a tariff hike on $250 billion worth of Chinese goods for two weeks. "We have agreed, as a gesture of good will, to move the increased Tariffs on 250 Billion Dollars worth of goods (25% to 30%), from October 1st to October 15th," Trump tweeted on Thursday night. The concession followed China delaying duties on 16 specific US imports for a year, and comes ahead of trade talks in October. Traders will keep a close eye on the...
  • As Europe eyes economic stimulus, Trump says why not US?

    The European Central Bank appears to be preparing a new shot of stimulus to prop up the economy, amid broader questions about whether central banks like the ECB and the U.S. Federal Reserve can re-energize global growth on their own.

    ABC News
  • Let Trump Destroy Trump

    The Democratic nominee, whoever it turns out to be, should use the president’s contortions and carrying-on against him.