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  • Europe learns again that trusting Iran is for suckers

    It’s no real surprise when the government of Iran breaks its word, so why do European leaders keep accepting it? Call the latest debacle “the tale of the tanker that could.” Back in July, British Royal Marines stopped an Iranian oil tanker, Grace One, that was plainly bound for Syria in violation of European Union

    New York Post
  • Rebuilding trust in a data-driven world

    To build real confidence in data, the crucial first step is to ensure the reliability and accuracy of financial information.
  • The Not-So-Secret Way Hitler Conquered Europe During World War II

    Warfare History Network, Michael E. Haskew History, Europe But it didn't work. Hitler maintained control of both the OKW and the OKH, and there were dissident elements within the general staff—officers who grudgingly came to recognize that the general staff and OKH had been reduced from executive roles that shaped and influenced strategic German military operations to simply carrying out the orders of the Führer as they were handed down from Hitler to OKW. With the end of World War I, the...

    The National Interest
  • Travel on Trial: A wet and wild ride in north Wales – on the world's fastest RIB

    Emma Featherstone has her cobwebs well and truly blown away in north Wales on the ‘fastest RIB in the world’

    The Telegraph