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  • Samsung smartphones to benefit from US-China trade war

    Samsung smartphones to benefit from US-China trade war
  • US-China Trade War Damage May Be "Irreversible"

    With the trade war between the US and China on the brink of re-escalating once more, a journalist told ABS-CBN News Philippines that damage to global supply chains from the trade war might be "irreversible." President Trump threatened to slap tariffs Monday on the remaining $300 billion of Chinese exports to the US if China's President Xi Jinping didn't meet with him at the 2019 G20 Osaka summit on 28–29 June 2019. Simon Rabinovitch Asia editor for The Economist told the ABS-CBN host that...

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  • US-China Trade War: The New Long March

    via Scott Minerd, Global CIO of Guggenheim  During the course of the last two years, we have consistently indicated that the course for the U.S. economy, along with risk assets and rates, was contingent on the impact of any unexpected exogenous events, most likely from overseas. Of all the exogenous events that could possibly derail our long-term economic and market outlook, a full-blown trade war with China is closest to being realized. Just a few weeks ago, Washington and Beijing appeared...

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