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  • Asia’s best

    Music provides a glimpse into a nation’s soul, and Ryan Cayab-yab has devoted much of his career to crafting and promoting original Philippine music. In pursuing his life’s calling, the National Artist for Music has also mentored countless budding artists in developing OPM.
  • Lemar, Dillon Sit Out Mayoral Primary

    State Rep. Roland Lemar’s son wants him to support Mayor Toni Harp’s reelection campaign. Lemar supported her in the past. But he has decided not to take sides this time.

    New Haven Independent
  • Asia down, Europe up after Wall Street recovery

    Asian stocks decline, Europe opens higher after Wall Street's rebound amid uncertainty about U.S.-Chinese trade tension

    ABC News
  • How China Would Try To Win a War Against America in Asia

    James Holmes Security, Not what you think.  That’s systems-destruction warfare to a tee, isn’t it? If indeed PLA strategists and their political overseers are serious about implementing the concept—and there’s little reason to doubt them—then their writings open a window into their thinking that could help China’s foes derive methods and hardware for hardening their own systems-of-systems while assailing PLA metasystems. Revisiting Western engineers’ musings about complex systems could bestow...

    The National Interest