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  • Seattle Soccer Fans Banned for Using Antifa Affiliated Display

    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Several Portland Timbers fans have been banned for three games for waving flags that included an anti-fascist symbol in violation of Major League Soccer’s policy that prohibits political displays at games.

  • Amy McGrath Accused of Using Coal Miners as 'Political Pawns'

    Two coal miners are demanding an ad by Kentucky Democrat Amy McGrath be taken off the airwaves because they were not told their struggle was being used for a political ad, according to a letter from their lawyer obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. The post Amy McGrath Accused of Using Coal Miners as ‘Political Pawns’ appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

    Washington Free Beacon
  • Women's Soccer Stars Concerned About Trauma From Repetitive Head Impact

    As research into head injuries expands to include women's soccer, some of the sport's former stars are calling attention to the health fallout from heading the ball multiple times.