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  • America can’t outsource teaching values and keep producing patriots

    With the approach of Patriot Day on the 9/11 anniversary, we are reminded of the dangerous and volatile world in which we live. We are also thinking of the incredible sacrifice and service of the men and women in our military and in the ranks of first responders who have answered the call to defend America against terrorists.

    The Washington Times
  • America Can Thank North Korea For Iran's Capable and Growing Submarine Force

    Mark Episkopos Security, Middle East The U.S. Navy is on notice. Key point: Iran's military may be far behind America's, but it has a capable submarine force. Tensions continue to mount between Washington and Iran, with every week bringing forth a new round of diplomatic threats and accusations. Most recently, Revolutionary Guards commander Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami gave a blistering speech in which he assured the Iranian parliament that the “vulnerability” of American aircraft carriers will...

    The National Interest
  • What you can and can’t post on Facebook

    Facebook has posted an update on its Community Standards, the “guidepost for what is and isn’t allowed on Facebook”.