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  • Cartoon: With us or against us

    Note: this is a slightly-edited version of a cartoon that initially ran in 2008—I took a small vacation last week. (Click beneath the fold to see a couple highlights!) Still catching up on everything I missed — apparently Trump is our god emperor now?  Also: There’s some new stuff in the store! This is why you take the back roads. Random roadside sculpture. Nobody tell Shatner. (Full re-creation of original Star Trek sets in Ticonderoga, NY.) Things clearly...
  • Government Won't Save Us From "Woke" Corporations

    Authored by José Niño via The Mises Institute, From the shoes you wear to the ice cream you eat, politics has found a way to sneak into some of the most mundane aspects of our lives. The new trend of “Woke Capital,” where firms are actively promoting social justice causes, has had many free-marketers scratching their heads at how corporate America has hopped on board this wave of Progressivism. Take for example the ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s. Ben & Jerry’s has made it a point to...

    Zero Hedge
  • How Mathematics Could Help Us Save Social Security

    Thomas Saaty Security, Americas Social security is on a collision course with insolvency. A little bit of math could keep it safe. The US Social Security system has been heading toward insolvency for decades, with the program now projected to run a 25% deficit by a little after 2030, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Despite the best efforts of commission after commission, we are no closer to arriving at a solution to the problem. That’s because every proposal is accompanied by...

    The National Interest
  • 'American football helped me fight racism in US'

    Samson Ebukam is a Nigerian-born American football player who used sport to overcome bullying in US.