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  • Should dating apps tell us how sexy we are?

    App algorithms rank results so dating opportunities end up being hoarded by the few. One app told me my score Marks out of 10: how attractive do you think you are? Perhaps you’d describe yourself as a six on a good hair day, or seven when you’ve caught the sun? Attractiveness, after all, is subjective, and can change from day to day. Besides, isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder? But the truth is, if you have ever used an internet dating app, your desirability has been rated. It has to be....

    the Guardian
  • City accused of ‘towing without telling’

    A lawsuit filed on behalf of a Chicago motorist with multiple sclerosis says her van was snatched off the street and sold for scrap while it was parked legally in front of her home with a valid city sticker and a placard in the windshield for motorists with disabilities. “Thousands of cars are, in effect, stolen from citizens of Chicago and sold without proper notice and due process,” the suit says. The city of Chicago was accused Tuesday of “towing without telling.” That is, towing and...

    Chicago Sun-Times
  • Nationals Park Prepares for Congressional Baseball Game

    Democrats and Republicans are heading to Nationals Park on Wednesday night to settle the score after a long string of wins for the Blue Team. The charitable game is also a reminder of a terrifying shooting at a