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  • Surveillance video shows Cuba Gooding Jr touch his accuser on her thigh

    Surveillance video from a Manhattan bar shows Cuba Gooding Jr touching the thighs and breast of a woman who had him arrested for alleged groping as actor was seen making faces in court.

    Mail Online
  • Surveillance Video Shows Cuba Gooding Jr. Put Hand on Accuser

    Cuba Gooding Jr. definitely touched the thigh and breast of the woman accusing him of groping -- it's clear in this surveillance video obtained by TMZ -- but his attorneys seem to be interpreting the video much differently from police. Around 10:15

  • Investigative reporter confronts suspected scammer purporting to be Local 10 executive

    Local 10 News has identified the woman posing as a WPLG Local 10 employee and ripping people off as 52-year-old Cadence Bryant. But when Local 10 News Investigator Jeff Weinsier confronted Bryant outside of the Joseph Caleb Center, she claimed not to know what he was talking about. "You have the wrong person sir," Bryant said. "What are you talking about?" But Lauderhill restaurant owner Marie Hyacinthe says the woman Weiniser confronted is the woman who ripped her off. "100 percent, that is...