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  • Trump's North American trade deal must do more to protect US jobs, House Democrat says

    Trump's new trade pact, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, includes sweetheart deals for the oil, gas and pharmaceutical industries that create huge problems for consumers. But it also perpetuates the original NAFTA's core problem, the one the president himself has talked about most: shifting U.S. production to Mexico.

  • Trump says China wants trade deal badly but it must be a great deal

    President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that China wants a trade deal very badly but he is not interested in an accord unless it is a great deal.

  • Farage: I’ll organize my OWN trade deal with Trump

    'And if we have to independently, as the Brexit Party, set up a blueprint for what needs to be done, we will.'
  • Trump seeking 'ambitious' trade deal with Britain

    President Donald Trump wants a trade deal with the United Kingdom. Getting one will be exceedingly difficult. A trade accord with the United States has been touted as a potential benefit of Britain leaving the European Union, and it will be on the agenda Tuesday when Trump meets Prime Minister Theresa May and business leaders. Britain can't open negotiations with potential partners until after it leaves the European Union, but the country's plans for Brexit are in tatters and May is about to...

  • Hopes in China rise for a Trump-Xi trade deal

    As the presidents of U.S. and China near a highly anticipated meeting on trade, the gap in both sides' expectations regarding a deal remains wide.

  • Trump's Trade War Could Blow Up America's Fourth Of July

    President Trump reportedly wants to double the fireworks display in Washington, D.C., on July Fourth. Next year, firework displays across America could be in jeopardy if a full-blown trade war takes effect. Fireworks industry members, whose supply chains extend into China, are concerned that the next round of tariffs would collapse their bottom line. The 25% tariffs that President Trump had threatened would mainly damage small to medium-sized family-owned businesses, as well as make firework...

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  • Trump accuses China of backing away from trade deal

    President Trump claimed Wednesday that the U.S. had a trade deal with China mostly complete in late April before Beijing tried to walk back concessions it made during the talks. Beijing has denied that it ever made the concessions and reportedly views the claim as an insult.

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