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  • Toymaker to produce line of plastic army women

    BMC Toys, a Scranton firm that makes a line of traditional dark-green plastic army men, has decided to make a line of plastic army women. As the owner Jeff Imel writes on the company blog, he decided to start the line of female figurines after getting a few inquiries this year from a woman who served in the Navy and a young girl: June of 2018 I received an email from JoAnn Ortloff, Fleet Master Chief (Retired), US Navy. She was looking for female toy soldiers for her granddaughters, and made a...

    Boing Boing
  • How would you react if your kid's school announced it was 'zero waste'?

    It turns out that some parents are less than thrilled.

  • Women Are Having Plastic Surgery To Fix "Resting Bitch Face"

    Women Are Having Plastic Surgery To Fix "Resting Bitch Face" More and more women are flocking to plastic surgery to correct a devastating condition known as "resting bitch face", according the New York Post. "Resting bitch face" is a condition wherein you look - well, bitchy - due to your normal, everyday facial expression. It's also sometimes just referred to as simply "being from New York City".  Hope Davis, one woman who got surgery for the condition after her friends...

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